A Career in Industrial Distribution: Part 2

Careers in Industrial Distribution: Part 2
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The Industrial Distribution industry is probably best recognized by the hands-on positions that it offers in customer service and sales. But what about the people behind the scenes? What about the people who make sure everything that does happen and can happen? I’m talking about the administrative and office positions that ensure that the business operates at its fullest potential on a daily basis.

Industrial Distribution is a complex industry with a lot of moving parts including a list of multiple vendors and suppliers, hundreds of locations that need services and the thousands of customers who need parts. The administrative and office management teams ensure that all of these steps are addressed and all of the proper forms are completed to complete everyday transactions.

The Operations Department is integral in the overall execution of the business. Positions such as Operation Managers, Branch Managers and Area Supervisors are all roles that contribute to the success of each location. This group manages budgeting activities, evaluates performance, delegates responsibilities to the appropriate areas and manages the movement of goods into and out of distribution and production facilities. These roles tend to require several years of direct industry experience as well as post-secondary degrees.

A company’s financial affairs are typically managed by the Financial and Accounting Departments. These groups are responsible for tasks such as preparing financial analyses, building strategic and operational plans, monitoring sales tax and property tax filings and coordinating invoice collection. Positions in this category include Collections Supervisors, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Specialists and Accounting Managers. Most of these positions require at least a high school education and beyond to grow with the company.

The Human Resources Department drives all personnel needs for the company. This group manages all policies and procedures needed to keep the company ethical, resolves and investigates difficult and sensitive employee issues, administers benefits and processes necessary state and federal forms. Entry-level positions require at least a high school diploma and higher-level positions require additional education and professional certifications.

Roles in Marketing develop branding for the company. Marketing Managers, Product Managers & Specialists and Marketing Analysts focus on the image of the organization and the product lines that the company represents. These individuals are responsible for staying abreast of changes in the industry, developing strategic marketing plans, creating publicly facing materials and managing new product releases. In most roles, an Associates or four-year college degree is required.

There are so many avenues that are available to someone interested in Industrial Distribution. From sales to office and administrative positions the opportunities are aplenty. Be sure to assess your own skills and determine how they can be applied to a role in Industrial Distribution.

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