Inspecting and Assembling a 37° Flared Tube End

37 Degree Flared Fitting

Incorrect installation and assembly of hydraulic fittings are major causes for leakage in hydraulic systems. By preventing leakage in your hydraulic systems, you can avoid unnecessary costs such as: The high price of hydraulic oil Maintenance costs Energy loss System inefficiencies Environmental concerns 37° flared fittings seal systems by employing the use of metal-to-metal contact […]

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Which Hydraulic Oil Should I Use?

Hydraulic Fluid

The most commonly used hydraulic fluids are mineral oil-based ISO 32 and ISO 46 fluids. The numbers in their names represent fluid viscosity in centistokes at 100 °F. Additive packages in hydraulic fluids provide the properties necessary to turn base oils into fluids suited for hydraulic applications, setting them apart from lubricating oils. Whereas hydraulic […]

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