Deciding Which Style of Lubrication System to Select

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There are numerous types of centralized lubrication systems you can select for your equipment. The choices of systems apply to industrial equipment, mobile equipment, food and beverage and others.

Your first decision to be made involves the type of lubricant to be utilized. The use of grease will eliminate the option of an orifice type of system. The viscosity of the oil or the grease consistency will guide you to the next system selection. High viscosity oils and grease with an NLGI #2 rating may require higher pressure systems such as series progressive or dual line system.

If requirements lead you to an oil delivery system, you must determine if the system will need to recover and recirculate the oil or if it will be a “lost oil” style. Systems can be supplied that provide various types of feedback or they can be very simple systems without any feedback. Basic feedback can be a lubricant level switch for the reservoir. A more complex system will confirm that a lubrication cycle has completed in a timely basis. Broken line detection and temperature monitoring can also be included. Remote monitoring through WiFi or Bluetooth is possible. You may want to consider the cost of a component failure on your equipment when thinking about whether or not to use feedback.

After specifications are established, it is time to select a product type. Orifice systems (single line resistive) are an economical means of delivering oil but provide the least amount of protection. Injectors can deliver oils or grease under pressure and allow for individual volume adjustments per point. Series progressive systems can dispense oil or greases and provide feedback of a blocked lube point, completion of a lubrication cycle, pump failure and more. Most lubrication component manufacturers can supply any of these types. Mist systems, air-oil lubrication and pump to point products are also available.

For more information on which lubrication system is the best for your application, contact your local Kaman representative today.

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  1. Thanks for this article about lubrication systems. You mentioned that you should first think of what type of lubricant will be utilized. It sounds important to research different types of lubricants so you understand what situations they will benefit the most in.

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