Essential Motor Accessories

Motor Accessories

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably purchased a motor and are thinking about the tools you need to install in order to ensure that your motor encounters as few problems as possible. Obvious accessories such as shims, grease, couplings, sheaves and belts are required for motor installation, but what about other considerations?

Motors Using Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

If so, you may want to install shaft grounding rings to mitigate bearing current damage.

Motors in Dirty Environments

If you motor operates in an area that will potentially cover the frame with product or waste, you may want to look into using a motor cover to protect your motor and help it run cooler.

Motor Starting Methods

The accessories that you choose to ensure your motor’s uptime may depend largely on how you decide your motor will be started. Do you need a simple motor contactor and overload, a full voltage starter or a NEMA motor starter? What about a soft starter/variable frequency drive combination? Your environment will dictate which choice is the best for your application.



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