The Evolution from Supplying Parts to Delivering Solutions

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For Kaman Distribution, delivering value to customers means being more than a parts supplier. Rather than just delivering the components they need, we serve as a true partner to our customers. We seek to deliver complete solutions that make them more efficient and successful.

Consider our relationship with Lite-Check, a provider of diagnostic testing equipment for the trucking industry. Kaman’s engineers designed and manufactured a pneumatic manifold for Lite-Check that increased the reliability of their testing machines. Better reliability equals savings, as it helped increase the service life of these parts, and stave off dreaded downtime. This solution was spearheaded by Cody Harmon, who joined Kaman through our acquisition of Northwest Hose & Fittings, and Tim Sly, who joined from the Calkins Fluid Power acquisition.

“Adding value means working hard to understand a client’s business and unique needs,” Harmon says. “This is how we were able to help Lite-Check develop a more efficient diagnostic testing solution.”

The success of the Lite-Check relationship illustrates not only our focus on providing value-added solutions; it demonstrates our success in effectively integrating new acquisitions — and talented people — into the Kaman way of doing business.

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This story originally appeared in Kaman’s 2016 Annual Report. Click here to read more.

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