How to Make Your Warehouse and Plant More Sustainable

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The concept of sustainability encompasses three main topics: social and ethical responsibility, economic prosperity and environmental stewardship. By adhering the each of these considerations, you can ensure that your warehouse or plant is operating in the “greenest” and most efficient manner.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the number one way in which you can achieve sustainability improvements in your warehouse or plant. These efforts reduce environmental impacts associated with your operations by curtailing carbon emissions and energy consumption, and also make economic sense when quantified over time. Some examples of improving your energy efficiency include making improvements to your HVAC system, installing new lighting (CFL, LED or halogen bulbs instead of inefficient incandescent bulbs) and upgrading your building’s infrastructure to include energy-efficient windows and well-thought entryways such as revolving doors and enhanced doorway seals.

Recycling & Waste Disposal

A second consideration to help you achieve more sustainable operations includes recycling and disposing of waste properly. Environmental regulations already require a good amount of environmental protection in the way of proper disposal, preventing toxic substances from entering the atmosphere and waterways to promote clean breathing air and drinking water. By making these improvements in your plant, you are not only being environmentally, but also socially responsible.

Supply Chain Management

Have you critically looked at the companies with which you regularly do business and where they get their resources? Are the products that you buy reusable? Are they extracted in a non-pollutive manner? Are they fairly traded? Does the business provide living wages to the communities in which they are located? Does it make economic sense, or is it contributing to economic manipulation? These questions include all three components of the sustainability “triangle” and can affect the ways in which you do business.


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