The Nano PLC: Big Performance in a Little Package

Nano PLC

Not too long ago, it was not uncommon for OEMs to design their own embedded controller, specific to their applications for equipment that experienced high-volume operations. It was simply the most cost effective way for them to go to market with their products. Things, though, have most certainly changed in recent years.

Advanced Nano PLC Features

With continuing advancements in technology, today’s small PLC technology is becoming increasingly cost effective. These PLCs include features such as:

  • Standardized Communications: No special cables are needed and these PLCs connect easily to broader plant systems.
  • SD Card Slots: Commercially available SD cards are economical and provide a great way to update programs without connecting to a computer.
  • Pulse Train In/Out Capability: The ability to read High Speed Counter Inputs and send PTO signals to servos and stepper drives allows for simple motion control abilities. PTO is also great for temperature.
  • HTML5 Web Server: Embedded web servers allow for simple user interfaces from any standard web browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Safety I/O Cards: Integrated safety relay cards simplify design.
  • Email: Alarms or events can trigger emails that are sent directly to specific recipients.
  • Data Logging: Important information can be stored for analysis and accessed via Ethernet connection.

Additionally, you’ll be investing little-to-no resources in software to get started.

The Future

As you may know, embedded controllers have been integral components of machines in past years. Although they have proved to be important for equipment operation, internal components can become obsolete at inopportune moments. As you look to upgrade your systems, be sure to learn more about today’s Nano PLCs to meet your application’s needs — you may be happily surprised!



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