Reduce Production Costs and Increase Reliability with Wireless Sensor Technology

Wireless sensor monitoring

Wireless Sensor Monitoring Technology Wireless sensor monitoring technology is becoming more useful in a variety of markets including industrial, commercial, food and beverage, medical and more. The wireless technology provides a method to collect reliable data, which helps to decrease overall production cost by reducing or eliminating downtime and increasing process reliability. Traditionally, monitoring process

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The Evolution from Supplying Parts to Delivering Solutions

Value added solutions

For Kaman Distribution, delivering value to customers means being more than a parts supplier. Rather than just delivering the components they need, we serve as a true partner to our customers. We seek to deliver complete solutions that make them more efficient and successful. Consider our relationship with Lite-Check, a provider of diagnostic testing equipment

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Safety Practices for the Solar Eclipse

Here at Kaman we know safety in the workplace is crucial, but safety is also important to implement in everyday life. On Monday, August 21, 2017 the United States will experience a total eclipse of the sun. A path of total eclipse will reach from Oregon diagonally down to South Carolina, and most of the US will experience the eclipse at 70%.

Eclipse Path Safety Practices for the Solar Eclipse Industrial Knowledge Zone

Although the sun may be mostly covered the eclipse can still cause eye damage if looked at directly. Even with short exposure to the event, on-lookers can suffer from retinal burns or premature formation of cataracts.

When viewing the solar eclipse it is advised to wear safety goggles/glasses. The glasses must be designated with ISO 12312-2 ratings to qualify as protective. Common sunglasses or tinted eyewear will not protect your eyes. Inexpensive safety viewers are available at hardware retailers.

latest news clip image001 0001 1 Safety Practices for the Solar Eclipse Industrial Knowledge Zone

Don’t miss the opportunity to view this once in a life time event and observe with caution.