Selecting the Right Gearing Products for Your Applications

Selecting the Right Gearing for Your Applications
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Buyers must beware of brands that advertise the benefits of high-performance, energy efficient gearing. While speed reducers that are promoted as 94% to 96% efficient often deliver on that promise, the benefits of these are often dramatically overstated over other gearing options.

When looking at gearing efficiency as a means to build sustainability and your bottom line, the best way to determine the value of a product is to look beyond case studies that are highlighted within promotional literature. These always show alternative designs, for worm gear in particular, operating under the worst circumstances and higher-performance, more efficient products operating under optimal conditions.

So, what should you do in order to ensure that you are getting the product that best suits your needs? First, identify your own uses and applications. Not all gear boxes are built the same, and determining the exact use of the product will help determine which type you should purchase. Then, recognize the gains that you would like to make from your investment in gear boxes. A good speed reducer distributor will be able to sit down with you and help you with this step before selecting product brands and designs. Once you determine the returns you would like from your product, you will be able to make a solid business decision regarding the type of gearing architecture that will best suit your applications.

There are several rules of thumb that are worth highlighting when it comes to gearing selection:

  1. For any gearing application below 2HP (1.5kW) where reduction ratio can be kept at 15:1 or smaller, worm gear will always deliver the best return on investment. In this situation, high-performance gearing is more efficient, but greater initial cost means that you may not see a positive impact on your bottom line for a while.
  2. For gearing applications above 2HP with reduction ratios above 20:1, high-performance, high efficiency gearing delivers better returns faster.

With these tools, you will be able to find the profit dollars that are hidden in your industrial gearing applications and determine the best approach for purchasing products that fit your needs.

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