Why is My Chain Drive Slipping?

Chain Drive

Chain drives have been turning our driven shafts for many years, and doing a very good job. Unfortunately, when most people experience drive failures, they install new sprockets and chain, put the guard or covers back on and do not look at them until they are jumping teeth, ratcheting or have stopped turning altogether.

When walking around your facility, you will most likely see chain drives that are not lubricated (for one reason or another). Unless you have a pre-lubricated chain product, lubricating device or scheduled lubricating program with the correct lubricant, you are asking for trouble. There are many great lubrication systems on the market that will remove guesswork and help your chain drive work its magic much longer than if it were left alone.

Sprocket alignment is also very important when you are first installing your chain drive. You need to ensure that both the drive socket and the drive sprocket tooth centerlines are straight and plumb to each other. Make sure that you tension you chain correctly or add a specific tensioning device that fits your application. This will most certainly improve performance, increase component life and limit downtime.

Additionally, be sure to choose the correct ratio, so that you select the correct sprocket diameters that do not exert excess bend radius on the chain.

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4 Replies to “Why is My Chain Drive Slipping?”

  1. okmarts2 says:

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  2. Paul Brown says:

    The chain is extremely tight on the lower side of the sprockets and extremely loose on the upper side. Can someone help?

    1. Kaman Contributor says:

      Hi Paul, A Kaman technician can call you to determine the cause. Please fill out the contact form to the right, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

  3. Octavio Pablo says:

    Thank you for the sprocket and chain maintenance tip

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