Why Lighted Connectors are Necessary

lighted electrical connectors

Regardless of how much engineering a system goes through prior to manufacture, at some point a component will fail and need to be serviced. Because of this, it is wise to incorporate as many troubleshooting aids as possible in the design stages.

A very simple and cost-effective aid is using lighted electrical connectors. Using lighted connectors allows you to determine, at a glance, whether power is being supplied to the item in question. This may seem like a simple thing but when systems incorporate hydraulic, electric, and mechanical aspects, eliminating even one potential problem area can help immensely.

By reducing the number of possible failure points, you can allocate personnel with the proper skill sets and have a more focused troubleshooting approach. Since downtime costs money, the sooner the problem can be identified and fixed the better for everyone involved.

Lighted connectors are commonly used on directional control valves, pressure switches, and limit switches. They are voltage specific and must be matched to the electrical output of the system and are available in a variety of forms including Metric (M12), Deutsch, and DIN.

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