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Wireless sensor monitoring
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Wireless Sensor Monitoring Technology

Wireless sensor monitoring technology is becoming more useful in a variety of markets including industrial, commercial, food and beverage, medical and more. The wireless technology provides a method to collect reliable data, which helps to decrease overall production cost by reducing or eliminating downtime and increasing process reliability.

Traditionally, monitoring process data was accessible through local displays, industrial computers in the machine, or remotely through a wired connection to a control room. In addition, some locations with limited access, like underground pump rooms, were almost neglected due to problematic locations, and increase risk of access for the plant personnel.

Wireless sensor monitoring overcomes these limitations, allowing authorized personnel on the production floor or remote locations, to have real-time process information of the temperature, pressure, flow, level, displacement, and other values that are critical for a variety of methods.

While the process signals are transmitted intact to the control system, wireless monitoring sensors make the information readily available for visualization through the dedicated plant network, or through remote web access by cloud services as it happens in the IoT.

The visualization of the temperature, level, flow, and other signals that are critical in the production process in specific locations, allows the production and maintenance departments to receive information and take actions before a problem occurs, or the control system detects a failure.

Wireless monitoring technology allows companies to increase the reliability of key parts of production, without disturbing the control process, by adding a layer of signal visualization that will contribute significantly to reduce the costs associated with downtime in the plant.

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