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We are truly humbled by the number of emails we are receiving from our customers all over the country in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  From companies that process food and beverages to companies that package medical supplies, support delivery services like Amazon to those who maintain our critical infrastructure like utilities and water treatment, as well as our national defense, we are learning just how essential it is for Kaman Distribution to continue to service our customers.

It is an eye opening experience to see how important Kaman Distribution is to keeping us fed, our water clean and even ensuring that we have necessities like toilet tissue in our homes.  One customer stated, “Our company provides fundamental support to many essential industries. In addition to our continued support of the US military, many of our products are key to the ongoing fight against COVID-19. As a valued supplier and partner, you and your company play an equally vital role in protecting critical production.” This is just one of many examples.

Thank you to all of the dedicated team members of Kaman Distribution who are continuing to provide these services to our customers.  Moreover, to the Kaman Distribution customers, we are so appreciative for all that you are doing to keep your facilities producing essential products and services we need to keep us nourished and safe from harm.  Who knows, maybe that bearing or motor we ship, the hose we fix or the automation solution we provide, will be utilized in a way that can help us through this crisis.  It does not get more essential than that.

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