Seven Factors to Consider When Choosing Industrial Hose for In-Plant Applications

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We have all had to deal with failing industrial hose applications in our plants. These failures are often urgent, occur at the most inopportune times, and we are provided with limited information on the hose that needs to be replaced.

When problems like these arise, the conversation between frazzled customers and industrial hose fabricators sounds like, “I have a 3-inch or 4-inch I.D. hose and I need a replacement. It’s red in color and it’s failing, although I’m not sure if the hose or couplings are to blame. I’m not sure if the hose if transporting fluids or air, but I need a replacement hose so we can keep our machinery running!”

Hose distributors that simply take orders and ship product would check inventory for red multipurpose hose, quote their customers and ship the hose, not concern themselves with whether the hose will function, if it will fail, if there are potential liabilities or how long the hose will last.

On the other hand, astute, value-added industrial hose fabricators would inquire quite differently, using the STAMPED process to handle problems with hose applications. STAMPED stands for Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, Ends, and Delivery and is used to ensure proper product application and hose efficacy while keeping customers’ best interests in mind. By thoroughly uncovering the answers to these questions and discussing other unique application parameters in the process, both the hose distributor/fabricator and customers will assuredly gain maximum hose performance. The resultant situation is one that is safe, cost-effective and yields the lowest total cost of ownership for customers in the long term.

Additional details of the STAMPED process can be found in the Kaman Hose Selection & Application Form. For more information regarding Kaman’s Engineered Rubber Products Center or for help selecting a hose, please contact us.

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2 Replies to “Seven Factors to Consider When Choosing Industrial Hose for In-Plant Applications”

  1. Braden Bills says:

    I need to get some hose fittings for my workshop. I didn’t know that there are certain ones that are better than others. I’ll make sure that I find one that is compliant with mine! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessica Anavim says:

      Happy we could help you, Braden! Kaman Fluid Power sells a multitude of hose fittings for a wide variety of different applications. Check us out:

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