Sneeze Guard Partitions

Sneeze Guard Partitions
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Keeping customers and employees safe is always a top concern, but even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic. That is why the INRUNMEC team at Kaman Fluid Power quickly utilized their knowledge and resources to produce protective guarding solutions to keep both customers and employees safe while still operational. With INRUMEC’s years of experience in building the highest quality safety and guarding solutions in the industry, they were able to design and build the best solutions for sneeze guard partitions and protective shields.

From retail settings to industrial work areas, the sneeze guard solution is customizable to accommodate any configuration. Our engineering team can take your hand-drawn design and quickly develop a solution that will fit virtually any space. Each protective barrier uses the highest quality aluminum profile structure and clear plastic guarding shields to create a solution specific to your safety needs. Simple, off the shelf solutions, are also available. Each system offers a light-weight, modular construction, which allows for easy set-up and installation.

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