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Fluid Analysis

Oil analysis is a simple guide that helps you determine your machine’s health. It involves sampling and analyzing oil for various properties and materials that indicate wear and contamination in an engine, transmission or hydraulic system. Regular sampling and analysis establishes a baseline for normal wear and can indicate when abnormal wear or contamination within your system has occurred.

Oil that has been contained within a moving mechanical apparatus for some time reflects the exact condition of that particular assembly. As moving parts make contact, wear occurs and introduces minute metal particles into the oil. These particles are so small that they remain inside equipment, and many products of combustion processes can become trapped in circulating oil. Identifying and measuring these impurities indicates not only the rate of wear, but also the level of contamination. Thus, oil becomes a working history of your machine. An oil analysis may also suggest methods to reduce accelerated wear and contamination.

When evaluating your equipment, a complete record of oil analyses that you’ve performed can prove to be an indispensable tool. Historical data is a great indicator of potential future repairs and overhaul requirements. What’s more, if the analysis alerts you to a major problem that you can correct in the off-season, you can prevent downtime and justify the expense.

Kaman Fluid Power provides fluid analysis kits that detect failures and point you to the root of your hydraulic problems. The program includes a complete laboratory analysis, includes a petroleum-based or water-based fluid kit and provides you with a neatly organized three-page report.


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