Think Smart with Electromechanical Component Repair!

Electromechanical Component Repair

Making the decision to repair your electromechanical components is smart thinking. Equipment life can be extended, the time spent finding elusive replacement parts is reduced and assurance testing and measurement procedures provide you with quality results. In addition, the cost to repair electromechanical components is typically 50-60% less than that of new components. Major repair service providers typically provide comprehensive warranties ranging from one to two years that cover the complete unit (not just the failed component) — a major advantage to using a third party repair service.

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Extending Machine Equipment Life

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Electronic board repair is not new; it has been available for decades, if not longer. Today, many of these service providers consist of excellent technicians, sourcing experts and engineering staff that help locate hard-to-find components and analyze difficult rebuild scenarios. These businesses are housed in modern facilities that often exceed 100,000 square feet, and are filled with high-tech diagnostic and repair equipment. These are true production facilities where electronic components such as AC and DC drives, PLCs, power supplies, machine interfaces and controls are cleaned, inspected and categorized for disposition.

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What’s more, tens of thousands of items are repairable. Distributors such as Kaman represent Schneider Electric Industrial Repairs Services, with over 2,500 repairable brands and over 100,000 priced repair SKUs in their catalog. Quotes are generated prior to shipping, saving time and transportation costs, and approvals can be issued, immediately saving you time. Certain exclusions may apply, but this is the exception rather than the norm. Each repair includes a complete repair analysis to help you determine why your equipment needed to be repaired.

To learn more about how to extend equipment life through electronic repair, contact your local Kaman Representative by using the form on this page or commenting below.

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