Wireless Solutions Can Help Your Efficiency

Wireless Produts that Increase Efficiencies

Have you ever needed to install a new sensor or pushbutton in a remote part of your facility? If so, in the past, you may have had to consider wire sizing, the cost to pull wire, or install a new conduit in this location. I think we can all agree that this method is an expensive way to handle such a project.

Fortunately, in today’s age, you can consider using wireless devices and controls. If you’re looking for a pushbutton-type control, try a wireless and batteryless system. Some of these systems can even locate operators at a distance of up to 75 feet within the factory environment, and have the same functionality as your wired devices. You can also elect to install options that can handle up to 60 transmitters and can connect to wired, Modbus or Modbus TCP to control your entire scheme.

In addition to wireless solutions that you can easily purchase, there are also many systems available that use standard sensors or devices to provide wireless communication capabilities, and distance is virtually unlimited if you elect to use cell technology. These systems are available for  both discrete and analog inputs and outputs.

What’s more, it is now possible to control your plants’ pumping systems with wireless devices. This means that you can monitor your system from a remote location and no longer need to send technicians to pump houses in order to run diagnostics and monitor your systems.

The possibilities for wireless control are limitless.

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Ken DeBauche

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